Monday, December 01, 2008


December is here already!
NaNo is over for 2008, and the wrap up party is scheduled for this coming Saturday. A chance for the local WriMos to get together and socialize without laptops in between.
Here we've got the tree up and I wrapped presents today. I always like to get them wrapped and under the tree so I'm not in danger of sending a kid to search in a cupboard for something where I've hidden one of their gifts. Also, it gives me almost a month to remember where I hid everything...I've been known to forget until Christmas Day that I forgot to wrap a gift.
Last night we went caroling with a group from church. It was a lot of fun, though driving in the icy snow in the pitch dark was more of a challenge than I realized. Next year I will wear my snow boots.
Have your holiday preparations begun already?


  1. Not even one holiday prep made yet. I'm so bad. It's all those years in retail that make me drag my feet to this day. You're light years ahead of me!

  2. I took down my harvest decorations, the Indian corn and the yarn scarecrow from the front porch. I assembled and colored the first 5 Christmas cards. Had one weighed at the PO and bought another book of nutcracker stamps.