Sunday, November 09, 2008

NaNo 9

Another Sabbath day for me. The wordcount sits, but my soul is refreshed. Sunday School, church, Women's Bible Study, and my kids played the piano at a retirement home this afternoon.
I've forgotten how cute the littlest musicians are. One tiny girl of maybe five or six, dressed to the nines in her velvet bodiced, fluffy skirted fancy dress, was so small she could hardly make it up onto the piano bench. She gathered up all of her skirts to her waist and hopped up onto the bench. Miss Tiffany, the piano teacher helped her cover her tiny behind and arrange her music.
I love it when the little ones count out loud, or as in today's case, one little gal (I think it was the same one with the fluffy dress, but I can't remember) they bob their little head, and when they got to the right spot, the word "Rest" popped out.
The residents of the care facility seemed to enjoy the concert, and I always like to hear the kids play. To my own children's dismay, I circle songs in the program that I like, so they can ask Miss Tiffany if they can play those songs. :)


  1. I think it's a good idea to take some time away from Nano. Gives you a break instead of burnout.

  2. Time off can be the best thing, especially if it's brief. Hope you have a great writing day today!

  3. Tiffany Skaran8:57 PM

    Hmm...which ones did you circle?? :) I was thinking that a log of the songs there were ones you've heard already (maybe more than once!)

  4. Tiffany Skaran8:59 PM

    *a lot of songs

  5. Canon in D is always a good one. If you wanted to have one (or both) of the kids play that one, that would be great. :D And yeah, there were a lot I'd heard a few times around here, but the interpretation is usually different. I couldn't help but wonder if you hear some of these songs in your sleep.