Sunday, November 02, 2008

NaNo 2

Nothing written today, but a great Sabbath for me. Church, dinner with friends, then company over for the afternoon. I feel refreshed after the big day yesterday and ready to dive in again tomorrow.
I hope your Sabbath was refreshing too.


  1. All work and no play makes Erica a dull girl. If Erica is all play and no work, The Little Princess is very happy. (-;

  2. I concur. A great day: teaching, preaching, singing, worshiping, fellowshipping, dinner together, study and then enjoying good hospitality. Only drawback was I missed the early afternoon nap, hence fell asleep on the couch mid-second quarter of SNF (around 7.30 PM) and woke up around 9 PM. Oh well, read 'til about 11 PM and went back to sleep!