Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaNo 19

NaNo 19. 2989 words. If I had known how close I was to 3K when I quit, I'd have knocked out those last 11 words.
The total now stands at 45057. Woohoo! 90% of the way done.
Wednesday Weigh In...STILL the same. Blah. I walked on the treadmill today and boosted the incline again. I could feel it in the backs of my legs, so hopefully I was burning something besides time.


  1. You wanna come write my book when you're done with yours?

  2. Not only will you have finished this book before the end of the month, but the way you are flying you'll have all the deep edits done too! (-:

    Weigh in. Same is good. You didn't gain.