Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaNo 18

NaNo day 18. 2375 words today for a totalof 42411. Had a major breakthrough epiphany for my heroine regarding the spiritual thread for this book.
Have you ever noticed that our greatest strengths can be and often are also our greatest weaknesses? That's what my heroine, Josie, discovered about herself today. A special ability and gift from God, when used incorrectly and for our own desires, often becomes the very thing that leads us away from the Lord.
This last week has been one of feast or famine as regarding how the words are flowing. Today, I could feel things going rough to begin with, but as I thought about how much Josie and I are alike, I felt the words flowing more freely. And one character, the voice of wisdom and correction in Josie's life, kept saying things that I needed to hear. Weird...in a cool God sort of way.
Anybody ever had something like that happen to them while they were working?


  1. A little divine intervention to get you on the write path (-;

  2. You know, this mostly comes to me toward the end too, to strengthen the spiritual thread. Cool! I still can't believe how fast you're cruising through this book!