Saturday, November 15, 2008

NaNo 15

Today was an okay writing day. Got better than 2K words with a total of 38787.
I went to the local write in. Not sure if I will keep any of the words I wrote today. I felt like I was just filling in 'stuff' in the story. Maybe too much introspection, not enough action. Not sure, but at least I wrote.
I also got to do an interview. A local reporter dropped in at the coffee shop to interview Wrimos for an article about the types of people who take on the NaNo challenge and how they make NaNo fit into their lives. I got to talk about The Kennebrae Bride series and the Heartsong Presents Bookclub. How cool is that?
Hopefully I'll get a copy of the article when it runs and that will definitely go into the scrapbook Heather made for me.


  1. Publicity is a good thing!

  2. Will you link to it on the blog so we all can take a peek?

  3. If I have a link, I sure will! Not sure when it is supposed to 'air' but I'll try to track it down.