Friday, November 14, 2008

NaNo 14

NaNo day 14. Man, I guess a day off was what I needed to get the story back on track. I wrote two chapters today and got the story back to where I needed it to be so I can reach the conclusion I want to reach. The words flowed well, since I got 4204 words done in just over three hours! Woohoo, that's pretty fast for me. 1000 words per hour is my usual pace when things are going well.
The ms stands at 36691 right now. Seven chapters to go, about 13.5K words left to reach 50K. Tomorrow's the halfway point in the month. I'm feeling pretty good about how things have gone. A few more days like today and I'll reach my goal. There are plenty of edits in my future, but you can't edit a blank page, so I'm happy with getting the words on the page in a hurry and going back later to straighten things out.


  1. Awesome progress, Erica. You are a testimony to all of us for your warp speed writing and keeping your eyes on the goal.
    1000 words and hour? Some DAYS I don't write that many in eight hours.

  2. "You can't edit a blank page."

    That's actually quite profound. I may have to crosstitch that and frame it over my computer. :)

  3. "You can't edit a blank page" isn't original with me. I read it somewhere, and as you say, it was profound enough to stick with me.

    A needlework reminder though would be cool.