Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NaNo 12

Day 12 of NaNo. Didn't quite make it to 2/3 tonight, but pretty close. 2438 words for a total of 32487. I felt tonight that my chapters and focus were wandering, which was probably a result of going to the coffee house for the write in. I've made marginal notes on my outline to remind me to really edit these chapters when it is time for revisions.
The write in was fun, but there were lots of interruptions, chit-chat, and silliness. A challenge floated around to work a random word into your ms every 15 mins. The words were thrown out by our group leader. I didn't have much success, since words like electroshock and converter and schmooze are hard to work into an historical novel. I managed to get a couple in there, but I typed them in ALL CAPS so they will stick out on revisions and I can yank them. :)
Tomorrow, the goal is to make it to 33,333 words, 2/3 of the way through. Less than 1000 words, but it will feel nice to get past that milestone.


  1. You're a whiz kid. I'm really wondering if I want to hang out with you anymore. LOL Just kidding. You're my inspiration!

    I've lost ground. The two funerals and our conference coming up this weekend have knocked me out of the ball game unless I pull an all-nighter or two. Can't see that happening.

    BTW, our Lake Charles leader finished his 50,000 words yesterday. He's a whiz kid too.:)

  2. Linda8:49 AM

    You are so awesome at making goals and following through. I really admire that about you.