Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaNo 11

Pick, pick, pick. That's how it went today. I was CRAWLING. I did manage 2500 words today, and the total stands at 30049 words. I limped across the 30K word mark and called a halt for the day.
Still, psychologically it feels good, and if I can manage 3,3oo words tomorrow, I'll be 2/3 finished with this first draft.
I've sent today's take off to my 'first look' buddy. And I'm putting the outline away for the night. Tomorrow is a scheduled write in at the coffee shop. I'd like to go. It might be the middle-of-NaNo-Week-Two boost I need.


  1. Girl, your keyboard is on fire!

  2. You're keeping an amazing pace considering juggling all the hats you wear, mom, wife, bookkeeper, chauffeur, Lord High Runner of Errands, Slayer of Groceries.