Friday, November 21, 2008

The Friday Five

The Friday Five
Over the past few months, my husband and I have instituted Date Night. Every Friday, the two of us go out on a date. This has been so cool. A chance to talk, to share, to hang out with my best friend of all time. We go out to dinner. And I'm really looking forward to going out tonight.
So, today's Friday Five:
Five restaurants we love to go to in Rochester.
1. Carlos O'Kelly's. Occasionally called Juan O'Casey's or Alvarez O'Doul's, from a joke that my father can never remember the name of that place. He knows it's a Mexican and Irish combination, but after that, he's lost. Javier O'Toole, Pedro O'Meara.
2. TGIF. I love their crispy fried green beans.
3. Baker's Square. Chicken-cheddar-bacon melt. With fries. And Honey mustard on the side.
4. Pannekoeken. They have a raspberry-chicken-pecan salad that is yummmmmy.
5. The food court at the mall. You can get just about anything you're craving at the time, and you get to browse in Barnes and Noble. Now THAT is a cool date.
And always we are home by nine. Cuz we watch Numb3rs with the kids. :)
How about you? Any favorite restaurants? Got a date nite? I highly recommend them.


  1. Tonight Max and I are going to see The Rat Pack at the Performing Arts Center. They're supposedly undistinguishable from the original Frank Sinatra, Sammie Davis, Jr. and Dean Martin. Can't wait.
    Favorite restaurants? Mmmm. TiAmos (Italian with Bruschetta to die for) and Los Cabos (Mexican). Wish we had a really good seafood place (like Bubba Gumps)but ours are only so-so.
    Enjoy your date night!

  2. Favorite restuarant, I'm fond of The Longhorn Steakhouse. Can't get enough of those chaps in chaps. Enjoy your night out!

  3. Chili's! Was there Friday night in fact. Macaroni Grill is good too. Unfortunately the closest one is 2 hours away.

    For lunch, it's a local place called The Cottage. Small menu, but everything is so good it still takes forever to decide what you want.