Friday, November 14, 2008

The Friday Five - Tagged!

Betsy tagged me this morning, so I'm going to use the tag for the Friday Five, and you get two bonus items.
7 Random things about me. (Good thing I'm a fairly random person, since last week's Friday Five was five random things about me.)
1. I loved Breyer horse models when I was a kid. They were my best friends. I would spend hours in my room playing with my horses.
2. I've worn glasses since I was three.
3. I can't sleep with my feet covered. And wearing socks to bed is nasty!
4. I love watching home improvement shows, particularly This Old House and Hometime. Hometime is based out of the Twin Cities, so their issues (and budget, usually) are closer to what we face here in Rochester.
5. I'm looking to purchase an Mp3 player soon.
6. I use Bic Crystal ink pens almost exclusively. They are cheap, about 10 cents each, and I can only find them in the late summer or early fall during the back-to-school sales. Oh, and they must be blue. Always blue ink.
7. I am hopeless when it comes to running audio/visual equipment. If the remote has more than five buttons or controls more than one device...I'm lost.
I'm tagging whoever reads this and wants to play along. :)


  1. Oh, you beat me by 6 years on the glasses front. I can't run audio-visual either--that's what teen kids are for!!!

  2. Don't your feet get cold hanging outside the blankies? And thanks to you I have a topic for Seven for tomorrow (-:

  3. Awwww!! I always played with the BReyer horses too! I had an entire stable of them. I was such a horse freak as a kid - still love them and love riding. Every time I went to Wal-Mart I wanted another Breyer horse. lol

    And here's another weird coincidence - I soooo almost used that same tag picture of the girl and boy playing!!! LOL!