Monday, November 24, 2008

Craft Books

This week I picked up some new craft books. From the titles, you can see which way my brain is headed.
So far I've only read one of them, and WOW! It was like attending an entire writing conference taught by mystery masters. And I was happy to read that these masters recommended the same mysteries I have been reading and enjoying for years. Dick Francis, Ellis Peters, Elizabeth Peters, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dashiell Hammett.
Here are the books I checked out and will be reading this week:
1. Writing Mysteries, edited by Sue Grafton.
2. Writing the Mystery: A Start-to-Finish Guide for Both Novice and Professional, by G. Miki Hayden
3. How to Write a D*mn Good Mystery, by James N. Frey
4. You Can Write a Mystery, by Gillian Roberts
A few weeks ago I queried the ACFW email loop, asking about historical mysteries in the CBA. You know how many responses I got? ZERO, zip, zilch, nada, nothing, diddly-squat, bagel, goose-egg. The only series I can think of in the CBA right now that sort of comes close to what I'm looking for is Sara Mills' Allie Fortune series about a female PI during WW2.
So either this is a truly untapped market in the CBA, or no one is publishing it because no one is reading it. Guess I'll find out which is which.
What books are you reading? Any mysteries you recommend?


  1. I can't wait to read your first mystery, this'll be so cool!

  2. You're going to write mystery? How cool. I've always been a mystery fan. You know I love Dick Francis, but I also like the Travis McGee series by John D. MacDonald (it's been a while sine I read them and they are probably set in the 1980s. Anne Perry (I think that's her name) has a Victorian mystery series that is excellent. She's still producing, and although they aren't CBA, they're really good. I'm guessing that you aren't talking about cozies like Miss Marple, but real investigators / police type books. This sounds wonderful -- all the best as you pray about and get a handle on this. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Now you are hitting the genre that I love. Go to it!

    Love ya,

  4. Would some of T. Davis Bunn's books fit in this category? Or are they considered historical suspense? I don't read much in either genre, so it's just a guess!

    Have fun with it!