Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wed WI And the Great Minnesota Banquet Attire Safari

First things first, with some trepidation I hopped on the scale this morning and am pleased to note that I am down three pounds from last week, for a grand total of 53 pounds lost. I also passed another 'milestone' on the scale, one of those mental blocks that looms in my mind.

Also, I wanted to blog the Great Minnesota Banquet Attire Safari.

As posted in previous blogs here, I had a hard time finding anything to wear to the ACFW Awards Banquet held Sept. 20th in Minneapolis. My daughter and I scoured the stores in Rochester for anything suitable. I finally settled on a blinged out camisole and jacket in black and silver. I wasn't in love with it, but it would do. Especially since I am not much of a shopper at the best of times, and couldn't face one more store.

That was about five weeks before the banquet. The week before the banquet, I tried the outfit on again, and GASP! I had lost so much weight in those five weeks that the outfit no longer fit me. It hung on me and the neckline...well, let's just say I couldn't wear that in public.

So Kaye and I went on a safari hunt for a new outfit.

We started at The Phenomenal Woman, a consignment shop in Zumbrota, MN, about thirty miles from my house. Though I tried on a lot of outfits, and even bought a very soft pale purple sweater, I didn't find anything 'banquet-ish' to suit my taste. Kaye found a couple of jackets.

Drove back to Rochester and stopped at the Fashion Bug. I'm not sure if it was that I wasn't communicating well to the sales lady or if she wasn't hearing me, but somehow 'looking for something for a formal banquet' was translated 'how about this plain button down shirt in pale pink?'. Nada at the Fashion Bug.

Drove to Lane Bryant. Their idea of formal is purple paisley cross-over blouse layered over a white oxford. Nope, nothing banquetish here either.

Next stop Apache Mall. JC Penney, Herberger's, Macy's. If I wanted to go to the jr. prom, I had lots of options (but only if I was a size 2). Everything else looked 'mother of the bride' or 'wife of the deceased'.

I was about to give up hope and wondering how I might salvage the original outfit, when we stumbled into Sears. And there it was on the clearance rack. A jacket in my favorite red, with big black buttons. PERFECT, and I got it for a song. Something to wear to the banquet, and also something I would wear again to church. Color me happy!

A quick dash to the Dress Barn for a new black lightweight sweater to go under it, and I was all set.

Here I am in my red jacket after the awards banquet. I returned the silver and black bling thing for store credit at Dress Barn...oh I can buy some new a smaller size this time.

I figure I'm about 15 pounds from being able to buy clothes from the 'non plus' size racks. Cheaper, and more choices. WOOHOO!


  1. Mother of the Bride or Wife of the Deceased!You slay me! I love your little red jacket. It's so cute and what a bonus to be able to wear it more than one time. Congrats on your continued success!

  2. You sound so much like me. I hate shopping. My Sunday School class/church friends probably think I'm on welfare or that Jim won't let me shop. I wear the same old thing every Sunday. ;(

    Man, I wish you were cooking for me. You make losing weight sound so easy... but I know it's not. I'm incredibly thrilled for you: the weight and the books!

  3. Glad you were finally able to hunt down the perfect outfit and it's really cute on you!

  4. Loved the jacket! And congrats on getting back on the diet after a week in Minneapolis. You go, girl!

  5. You look absolutely adorable!

    I loathe shopping for clothes. LOL, lots of choices if you're going to the junior prom and are a size 2. So true!

  6. wait till you lose some more weight and get close to your goal. then all you want to do is shop shop shop!!! i am down 75 lbs and you have to pry me away from kohls. congrats!!! you look great erica, keep up the work. aunt phyllis

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