Monday, October 20, 2008

A Shout Out

As you can see, my babies aren't babies anymore. These pictures are from a night when we were playing with my new digital camera. Everyone must've been in a giddy mood.

My family is my greatest support staff when it comes to writing. They are patient, make room for writing time, have become more self-sufficient when it comes to entertaining themselves, help out with chores by the bucket-full (Even now the eldest is folding laundry while the youngest puts it away.) and they cheer for me better than the Dawgs in the Cleveland Browns' Dawg-pound. I am blessed beyond measure.
Which got me to thinking about four good friends of mine. They have good support staffs too, but they have an extra challenge. They are the mothers of small children. Some very small. Georgiana writes with two darling pre-school aged girls at her feet. And let me tell you, they are both hilarious girls, busy, and energetic. Betsy and Stephanie each gave birth to their first baby in the last year. Both adorable little girls. And then there is Sally who gave birth to her third child, a baby boy, mere weeks ago.
Each of these ladies, though they might not know it, is an inspiration to me. With all the demands of small children who can't dress themselves, feed themselves, entertain themselves, and in some cases even roll over by themselves, these women do all the mommy stuff and also write great fiction. Some work full or part time as well, and all are active in their churches and with family, and all the things that fill up the lives of women everywhere. I don't know how they do it, but I'm proud of them anyway. Betsy posted on her blog this week about being a busy mom, and how, when she is at her most frazzled and worn-out, she is reinvigorated, revitalized, and refreshed by time with Jesus.
Wise words that I needed to hear.
Thank you to these four writers in my life who all exhibit a perserverence, grace under pressure, and ongoing visible hunger for time with Jesus. You go, SuperMoms!


  1. Awww, you are SO sweet! You're an inspiration too--you're a homeschool mom who manages to find time to write excellent fiction!

    Speaking of energetic pre-schoolers, we just finished craft time and the floor looks like we had a party complete with confetti....

  2. You're pretty inspiring too. Wife, mother,teacher, bookkeeper, care giver, author, and the list goes on.

  3. Ditto what CJ said.

  4. Thanks, Erica. :)

    I'm always amazed at homeschooling moms who write. Don't know how you do that.