Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's all about the numbers

Today was a day of numbers, numbers, numbers.
First off, in order to understand the day, you should know that in June of this year, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Yeah, I know. Major bummer.
Today was a check-up day for me. Blood test early, then wait to see the doctor.
I took the kidlets with me, and we worked on school while we waited. Heather worked on math...numbers! And James worked on his nationally norm-referenced test (aka achievement test) required by Minnesota state law for all homeschool students. I read directions and ran the stop-watch (numbers!) while he worked on the math portions of the test (more numbers!)
We visited a Starbuck's Coffee Shop. Never been to Starbuck's before. I've come to the conclusion that I don't speak 'coffee'. I didn't recognize anything on the menu except iced tea and hot chocolate. We made do with those.
Finally got in to see the doctor. More numbers...Blood Glucose 96, A1C 5.0, Cholesterol good (can't remember the specifics, but good cholesterol up, bad cholesterol and triglycerides down)
Weight down! 33 lbs in three months.
Doctor very happy. Me very happy.
I now get to cut my meds in half which means the prescription now will last twice as long. More numbers. :)
I visit the doctor again in three months.
Only downside today? Had to get a pneumonia shot. Jabs, not my favorite. I also need to get a flu shot as soon as they are available in our area.


  1. Woohoo! I just knew the doc was going to be happy with your progress. Good for you.

    Starbuck's. The Eldest's favorite place for lahdidahs. Not only are coffee names fancy, but so are the sizes. Can I just have a medium chai tea?

  2. Congratulations! That's great news.

    I'm Starbucks illiterate too. I refuse to order by venti, grande, or whatever--I always say small, medium, or large. Usually large.

  3. An A1c of 5.0? WAHOO!!!!!! I offer you MAJOR congratulations on that stupendous achievement! You are doing awesome on the DM front.

    I'm not Starbucks illeterate. I just don't like coffee!