Friday, October 10, 2008

The Friday Five

Last night, for some inexplicable reason, I dreamed about college. I graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education: Social Sciences from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri.

So today's Friday Five is:

The Five Best Pranks I Can Remember From College:

1. A group of guys took every piece of furniture and every personal belonging of one of the guys in Stephen Dorm out of his room and reassembled it in total on the lawn just as it had been in the guy's room. This included the aquarium on his dresser. The entire school walked by on the way to the dining hall. It was great. :)

2. A group of girls bribed two guys to pull pranks in the guys' dorm. They vaselined the doorknobs, wrote in lipstick on the mirrors, and generally made a nuisance of themselves. This wasn't the best part. The guys (my husband included) who had their rooms messed with, found out who had pulled this prank, and went after the two guys. These guys thought they were going to be thrown into the showers fully clothed. (A common activity in the guys' dorm, I'm told.) But instead, the vengeful mob stripped them down to their BVD's and all signed their names on various parts of the perpetrator's anatomies in Black Sharpie Marker. Very large, scrawling signatures in permanent ink. Brilliant.

3. One group of guys took a couple rolls of fishing line and threaded them through all the furniture and belongings of a fellow's room. Through the sleeves of all his clothes, around the legs of the furniture. I'm told, though I didn't get to see it, that the room looked like a huge cobweb when they were done. Revenge was had when the guy removed the fishing line, cut it into small pieces and tossed it like confetti into the perpetrators' room as he walked by. Plastic snow.

4. One man taped a bedsheet over the inside of a dorm room door, then closed the door and from the outside, through the gap at the top of the door between the door and the door frame, filled the area between the bedsheet and the backside of the door with paper wads. When the occupant came home, he opened the door and an avalanche of paper wads cascaded upon him. I'm told the paperwads found their way back into the perpetrator's room, into his shoes, his bureau drawers, his bed, and other places for many moons.

5. The biggest and best prank I can remember was a revenge prank. I don't know what started it, but one of the guys on campus got all his friends to use their air popcorn poppers to make garbage bags of popcorn. This took days to get enough. He then proceded to fill up a girl's car with the popcorn. He was nice enough to put garbage bags over the seats first, and to use only air-popped popcorn so there was no grease. The car was filled to within a few inches of the roof.

Do you remember a good college prank?


  1. And YOU went to a Christian college??? I guess college kids are the same no matter where they go. I went to OU and my sophomore year I started dating Max, who my roommate sort of liked, too, except that she had another boyfriend. On April Fool's Day, Max and I had his roommate tell her we were engaged (we had barely even had our first kiss!). She found out it was a joke, and while I was in anatomy lab, she and the other girls on my floor removed every single item from my room and put it in a storage closet. I came back to nothing on my half of the room. A joke that went strangely awry!! Later, they all helped me move it all back, and we laughed about it. Max and I didn't get engaged for another two years, but then I had the "rock" to prove it.

  2. Hmmm, in my day, I went to college and actually studied!

  3. That's great! You had some fun friends!

  4. I had a great time at college. Some of the best times in my life. And I didn't perpetrate very many pranks...none of those listed, since I'm pleading the fifth. :)