Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wed WI

This week was hard. For the past two weeks I've been struggling, not wanting to stick to the plan, not wanting to walk or ride the bike...mostly wanting to veg and stress eat. I knew I would lose ground quickly if I stopped being vigilant. I didn't want to plateau, or worse yet, go backwards.
So I renewed my efforts this week. I watched what I ate very carefully, more vegetables, more salad and fruit, fewer pre-packaged foods. And I walked more, probably twice as much as I did the previous two weeks. Beautiful fall weather, the pleasant company of my children, and brand new walking shoes. :)
I also knew that next week I would be at a conference where decadent food is the rule and hours of inactivity in workshops and seminars awaited. Another motivator to do well this week.
So, after all that work, I'm very happy to say I'm down four pounds for a total of 48 so far. The plan is to at least maintain that weight for the upcoming days surrounding the conference. I'll be very happy with that. Then is it back to work.

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  1. I hear ya about a hard week. Must have been the New Moon which is really a full moon we can't see.

    You look faboo and I know you won't have a tough time at the conference. Calories don't count if you eat standing up (-; and all the excitement of conference will burn a lot of calories.