Monday, September 08, 2008

A reason to celebrate!

Today I have a reason to celebrate. Six months ago we began the registration process for my daughter to enroll at Northwestern College for the Fall08 semester as a high school junior. The state of MN has a program whereby juniors and seniors in high school can enroll in MN colleges and universities and take college courses for both high school and college credit simultaneously. A wonderful way to get a leg up on college (and have it paid for by the state of MN). The girl would attend by completing independent study classes and on line distance ed.

To say that we'd encountered one roadblock after another would be an understatement. Everything from misdirected standardized test scores to a misplaced application in the college office. By the time we were finally able to get some answers, we were informed that it was too late for her to enroll in the English Composition class she had wanted. They could still get her into Math, Chemistry, and World History, but no English classes at all.

I vascillated between serene (after all, God knew this all in advance and His will would prevail) and frustrated (this is a rotten way to run a railroad! If our family business treated customers like this, we'd be out of business in a week!).

Wouldn't you know it. This week my pastor started a series of Sunday School lesson about Respectable Sins...those sins we tolerate or justify or excuse so we won't have to deal with them. Near the top of his list was frustration. God isn't running things the way WE think they should be run and we're afraid that God isn't able to satisfy our needs of that moment. OUCH!

Today, after the mail still didn't deliver the textbooks and course materials for the classes she was supposed to be registered for (semester started two weeks ago), I called Northwestern one more time. At last, I was able to reach someone who could make the wheels start turning.

We received a student ID number, student email address, and assurances that the course materials should arrive by Wednesday. If they don't arrive, I'm to call Todd back so he can follow up on their whereabouts. Todd is my new hero.

Best of all, he worked things out so my girl could join the Composition class a little late. We've talked to the professor and he is confident she can catch up quickly.

I'll feel better when the materials are here and she's all caught up, but for now, I'm rejoicing that we seem to be on the right track.

And hopefully I'll remember God's goodness the next time I'm tempted to become frustrated when things aren't going the way I think they should be.


  1. That's a really neat program your state has in place. I'm impressed! Glad to hear the ball is rolling.

    PS. I'm going to remember about respectable sins--so true.

  2. Hard to say whether respectable sins are grace builders or road blocks. (-;

    Glad Todd came to the rescue and The Girl will have no problem catching up. She's a bright cookie. Good luck, Tall Girl!

  3. To CJ... actually, I'm wondering if the same couldn't be said of pastors! :)

    To Erica... if you liked that one, wait'll we get to impatience and irritability and listen to me whine all the time!

  4. Impatience? Irritabilty? Those are no-no's?

    If you're going to go that far, I'd venture to say whining will make that list somewhere too...I won't know how to act.

    Seriously, this is going to be a very tough series of lessons.

    I think we should talk about God's luuuuuuv every few weeks, and bunnies, and flowers, and rainbows...yeah, let's talk about Noah's Ark...that would be way easier.

  5. Congrats to your daughter--she must be very smart like you, Erica. Great experience for her, and glad that you got things on track. Perserverance pays in many areas, eh?

  6. Ah, Carla, you're a sweetie. The girl is a smart cookie, but I'm pretty sure most of it came from her brilliant papa. :)

    Can't wait to see you in a few more days!