Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is inspired by the fact that I'm having company this week. My friend and crit partner, Kaye, arrives tomorrow at noon.


Five things I have done to prepare for company.

1. Cleaned. Don't we all? I've tried to learn over the years not to leave it all until the morning company is expected. I've also tried to learn not to sweat the small stuff too much. Will my company really walk out if the shoes in the mud-room aren't lined up along the wall? Doing a little each day in the week before and not sweating the small stuff has made my family happier with having company too. They don't like a snarky, stressed out mama. Go figure.

2. New pillows on the guest bed. I bought new pillows for the guest bed a couple years ago, and slowly they have been filched, thieved, purloined, and absquadulated with. Every member of this household, myself included, grabbed one when an old one needed to go. I bet this will happen again.

3. Made an appt. for manicures for Kaye and myself. We'll treat ourselves to a fingerwave before heading up to Minneapolis to dazzle editors. :)

4. Worked ahead. As much as I have been able, I've tried to get all the work done I can in advance so I can relax and enjoy my company.

5. Prayed. Prayed for safe travel, for God to smooth the bumps, and for us to have a sweet fellowship together.

How about you? What do you do when you know company is on the way?


  1. Sounds like you will have a marvelous time. Gotcha on the mani thing. I'll go for a mani-pedi on Tuesday.
    See you soon.

  2. Awww. You didn't have to do all that for me. [blushes]

    1. I'm the world's worst housekeeper. I'm all about making sure that all of the stacked up stuff is just stacked neatly and that the dishes in the sink from yesterday were rinsed off.

    2. Yay for new pillows! But as long as I have somewhere to lay this curly brown head, I'll be fine.

    3. Woohoo! Gave myself a "pedicure" today (IOW, I took off the purple polish that's been on my toes for a month or so, filed down the ragged edges, and put clear polish back on them so they don't look quite so neglected. But the fingers---boy-howdy, I'm looking forward to some professional attention there!

    4. I wrote blog posts for every day next week and have been slowly whittling down my list of things to do before being gone for a week.

    5. Prayed--that six weeks at home haven't made me forget all my social skills as well as for safe travel for me and for you driving to the airport.

    And throughout the day I got more and more and more excited.

  3. To prepare for company, I toss all the clutter in my bedroom and close the door, have Himself make the toilet man clean, give a swipe to the sink, and dim the lights so the dust doesn't show.

  4. mom goes into a cleaning least it feels that way. lol.