Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Conference Pictures and Impressions

Wanted to share some pictures with you. They've been flying through the email fast and thick. If you want to copy any that take your fancy, feel free. :)

This is me after the awards banquet. Doncha love the red jacket?

The crit girls, Georgiana, Kaye, and me.

The adorable Marcie Gribbin. Such a sweetie, and so cheerful every time I saw her.

Me and Mary Connealy. If we look ridiculously happy here it's because we are! Mary won first place in the Short Historical Category of the ACFW Book of the Year with her book Golden Days. Mary, you rock!

Georgiana and Gina Conroy. It was so great to meet friends.

Me'n G.

Me and Carla Stewart. This is one amazing lady. And so talented. We met for the first time last year and have been friends ever since. Visit her at Carla's Writing Cafe.

This is my beloved husband Peter. I'm including this photo for G, who teased me that Peter was a mythical spouse like "Vera" Norm's wife from Cheers. She'd never seen a picture, though I talk about him all the time. Isn't he cute???

These are the flowers that my parents JUST had delivered a few minutes ago. Aren't they beautiful? The roses smell heavenly. I'm grinning like an idiot! Thanks, Mom and Dad.

And lastly, this is a 'reenactment' picture. I asked the kids to do whatever it was they were doing in the background that I could hear when I called their dad to tell him the news. Aren't they funny?


  1. I love it! Yes, Peter is adorable, and I can finally put face with name. Your kids are wonderful to do the reenactment too =)

  2. Thanks, Erica, for the kind words. And since it looks like Peter (who is very cute, BTW) is waving, I'm waving back at him. Great conference. Great memories. To "G" --it was great to finally meet you, too.

  3. The red jacket is cute, but I love the tarty red nails!

  4. Love the pictures!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these pics. Yes, Peter is cute, you look wonderful, your kids are precious and all this happiness brought tears to my eyes.