Thursday, August 07, 2008

WIP Update

I've been working on the proposal packet for the Brides of Money Creek series. Just a couple days ago, I got the first seven chapters back from the crit girls. YIKES, what a goofy mess my ms is right now. I've combed through the crits (after letting them lie fallow for a day or so, making sure I was in a good frame of mind for tackling them) and made adjustments to the first sixty or so pages.
I'm adding a POV (sparingly) but it is so much fun to write. Why is it that bad guys are almost always more fun to write than good guys?
Awhile back here on the blog I mentioned that I almost always have a favorite word or phrase (or more than one) per book. My crit partners (aka WADs or DCCP's) ding me on these, highlighting them in florescent how-did-you-miss-this-when-it-absolutely-SCREAMS-off-the-page colors that MS Word delights in.
I wasn't sure what my words or phrases were for this book, but now I know. Two weeks ago I used some whitening strips on my teeth, and evidently I transposed that into my work. No, my 1880's heroine didn't apply Crest White Strips, but she sure does have white teeth. So does the hero. So does the bad guy. So does the hero's brother. And his other brother. In fact, everyone in this story except the anti-hero seems to have perfect white teeth.
The first time I came across the neon green highlighted words, I shrugged. Okay, I'll change it. The fifth time (in as many chapters) that the phrase got a highlight treatment, I started laughing. My DCCP's must think I'm a nut. How did I not see this myself before I turned it in for crits?
And don't even get me started on all the stuff people's hearts were doing. Sheesh...I need some help!
Has this ever happened to you? You fall in love with a word or phrase, or just plain get in a rut with how you describe something, and find your work littered with highlighted YIKES?


  1. I love those antiseptic, squeaky clean cowboys, deodorized with anti-wetness protection, pearly white teeth and minty fresh breath :-D

  2. You've seen the highlights on my manuscripts--oh wait, you and Kaye made them! LOL, I'm cracking myself up. Yes, I do lots of repetition. Remember Bella and her TOTE?

  3. My crit partners and I have decided we each have one set of pet words per book (and they always change with the book!)

    Sometimes it involves the stomach or jaw, other times a laugh or sigh. How funny.

    Thank God for crit partners!

  4. That is funny! I've been rereading some things I wrote several years ago recently, and I've been noticing that I get stuck on weird things like that too...