Monday, August 04, 2008

So many posts, so little time...

I have a bunch of topics I would like to blog on, but they are disjointed. Rather than spamming the blog, I'm going to combine them into a hodgepodge post.
This weekend I got my kids back from camp. YEAH! We've had the best time together. I missed them like crazy. I've gotten to hear lots of stories of camp life and all about their activities and new friends. James already has a time set up to get together with his new buddy Samson this week.
Sunday was the church picnic. For once it wasn't beastly hot. I had to laugh. Last year about ten people brought watermelon to the picnic. We had so many! This year, I was anticipating sinking my pearly-whites into a nice juicy wedge of watermelon, but guess what? Not a single soul brought one! I guess we all figured someone else would. I had to settle for some very nice fruit salad instead. Also, I ate kringele (I'm not sure how it is spelled.) Norwegian, I think. A little cookie shaped like a breast-cancer awareness ribbon. It's flavored with nutmeg, buttermilk, and sour cream. I was good and only ate part of one, but oh, my, was it yummy. I'll have to get the recipe from Karmyn, the lovely lady who made them.
We started school today. The Eldest is taking college courses for her jr. year, so her classes don't start until later this month. She's occupying herself with Bible, German, and finishing up a watercolor art class she should've had done by now! The Youngest is beginning seventh grade. So far, so good. One day down, more than a few left to go.
Late Saturday night, I began work on my pitch sheet for Clara and the Cowboy. The hardest thing I do in writing is trying to condense an entire novel into one sentence. I'm happy with the layout and the color scheme. I'll be tweaking on the descriptions and series development ideas and take-away value until the last minute. I'm also thinking I might take a new picture of me for the sheet. When I showed the page to my DH, he said a new picture might be in order, since I've lost weight since that one was taken. Isn't he sweet? Hopefully in a month or so, there will be even more of a difference. The only drawback? I HATE getting my picture taken.
The picture on today's blog is one my husband took. It is Gooseberry Falls. I have never heard if it is called Gooseberry because gooseberries grow there, or because there are three falls and one is playing the goosberry. Anybody know?


  1. Hooray for having your kids home! You must have been lonesome. I can't wait to see a new picture of you =)

  2. Did you pick out the canteloupe in the fruit salad? LOL Ugh, school. We still have 3 weeks before The Young One goes back. She just finished the history assignment. TY for your help. Your DH is sweet. Put a new picture on the one sheet. Show off the new you.