Friday, August 29, 2008

The Friday Five

Already the leaves are changing on some of the trees around here, and the forecast is for overnight temps around 50 degrees. So this week's Friday Five is:

Five things I love about fall.

1. Gorgeous colors. Minnesota has amazing fall colors. I love my Amur Maple hedge in autumn.

2. Football. It feels so good to be gearing up for another great football season. Go Vikes!

3. The rhythm of our days when school is in session. I love routine.

4. Cooler weather. I love cool, frosty mornings that warm to pleasant afternoons.

5. The smell of apples and pumpkins cooking...not together. :)

What about you? Is there something you like about fall?


  1. Yep, I love football and I love routine. Yay for fall!

  2. Your five things are all wonderful. The thing I would add to that list would be a new Awana year starting up-yay!

  3. Fall is my favorite season--Finally I can take my pooch for a walk without melting. On our walks it's fun to watch how the trees in our neighborhood change from day to day. Those days won't come to Oklahoma for a while . . . sigh.

  4. Sheesh! It ain't even close to the Equinox and you're already talking about Fall!!!

  5. FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL! LSU's first game is tomorrow at 4 p.m.! YAY!!!

    Fall is my favorite season--the relief from the heat of summer, the three greatest events of the year (ACFW conference, Thanksgiving, and Christmas--hey, our weather is still fall-like around Christmas), all of the TV shows are back from hiatus and new shows are on, and, what am I missing...? Oh, yeah: