Friday, August 22, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is a retake of one I've done before but with an Olympic twist:
Five things you will never hear me say while watching the Olympics:
1. Sure wish I could try that platform diving thing.
2. I wish they would stop showing Jason Lezak's final leg in the 100M freestyle relay. It's so boring.
3. I sure wish some of those track stars had bigger egos. They are so humble.
4. I'd look as good in a Lazer Racer Suit as Dara Torres...totally, without question. In fact, people would mistake us for twins.
5. Speedos. Love 'em, Love 'em, Love 'em. Sure wish they were smaller.
How about you? What wouldn't you say?


  1. What will I never say? Ooo, I wish they'd show more beach volleyball!

    Amen on the Speedos!!! They must be banned!

  2. More badmitton please! (Did I even spell that right? Something about it looks wrong . . .)

  3. What I will nver say: I wish the Olympics came on every year.

    I fear if they did, I would NEVER finish a manuscript. I'm two weeks behind on my sleep as it is.

  4. Bring on more beach volleyball! I love the athletes' uniforms.

  5. What I would never say?

    I can never get enough of beach volleyball. I love it!

    Ooh, more "heats" in track, please! I love to watch people running.

    I wish the Olympics lasted a whole month!

    I think the swimmers should never bare their chests after their races. Too much skin. ;-)