Friday, August 08, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is in honor of my mom, who is celebrating a milestone birthday today.

Five words that describe my mom.

1. Strong. She has more inner strength than any woman I know. Nothing fazes her. She will overcome.

2. Talented. I don't think there is anything this woman can't do if she sets her mind to it, whether it is learning to play golf, becoming a state champion bowler, beginning flute lessons when she was fifty, or any craft she takes a fancy to learning.

3. Competitive. Don't play cribbage with this woman unless you are prepared to LOSE and lose big.

4. Driven. Mom is very goal-oriented. I wish I had half her drive. If she decided to become President, she'd blow right by Obama and McCain and be putting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on her personal stationary before they knew where they were.

5. Smart. She's a whiz at trivia, cross-words, Bible memory, and anything else she wants to learn.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope to see you this fall sometime.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely tribute. Happy Birthday, Erica's Mom