Friday, August 01, 2008

The Friday Five

My Five Favorite Leading Men:

1. John Wayne: Is there anyone better than the Duke?

2. Cary Grant: From Arsenic and Old Lace to North by Northwest, I don't think I've ever seen a Cary Grant movie I didn't love.

3. Sam Elliot: It's the voice...and the way he just IS a cowboy.

4. Spencer Tracy: I adored him in Father of the Bride and Father's Little Dividend.

5. Sean Connery: The voice? Maybe. The Eyebrow? Maybe. The "I'm the toughest man on earth and what are you going to do about it?" attitude...definitely!

So? Who are your favorite leading men?


  1. Nbr. 1 for me is Richard Widmark. From thug to hero to antihero, I've loved all his movies. 2. Spencer Tracy was just so subtle in his acting. Loved him best with RW in Broken Lance. 3. Gregory Peck superb. Didn't we all want to have a dad like Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird? 4. Duke is The Duke 5. Charlton Heston another one with a great voice.

  2. I can't believe you love Sam Elliott. So do I and you're right, it is the voice. I've long been a fan. :) I would swap Jimmy Stewart and James Garner for Spencer Tracy and John Wayne. Oh my... where can I put Gregory Peck and Robert Redford? This is just too much... only five? I don't want to play anymore!

  3. James Garner, Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Depp (haha), Christian Bale, and maybe Harrison Ford.

  4. I just spent almost all day watching Gregory Peck on TCM!

    I guess my list would depend on the definition of what "leading" man means, and on what movies I've watched recently, but are the ones who "melt my butter" (as they say in Steel Magnolias):

    1. Karl Urban (LOTR/Comanche Moon)
    2. Cary Grant
    3. Gregory Peck
    4. Vincent d'Onofrio (Law & Order Criminal Intent)
    5. Gerard Butler (Timeline, PS I Love You)

  5. Did you know that Cary Grant's name was actually Archibald Leach? (I think I'd go by Cary Grant too...) :-)

  6. Erica - I finally ventured over here, and immediately knew we were friends!

    I love the Duke and Sam Elliott, too! I'm with Jess - Jimmy Stewart needs to be in there. And Harrison Ford - in some roles. Richard Gere in some roles too.

    I'm a BIG Nicholas Cage fan - in fact, tonight is movie night at our house, and we're FINALLY watching National Treasure 2!! Woo-hoo!!

    You've now been added to my favorites - I'll be back!

    (PS - and I'm on a weight-loss track too! I'm down 14 pounds, with a WHOLE bunch more to go!)