Thursday, July 31, 2008

I won a contest!!!

In honor of her upcoming new book, and to celebrate the FIVE HUNDRETH blog post on her blog, my friend Kaye Dacus held a contest on her blog. For the month of July, readers were encouraged to post at least 10 comments during the month, and to send in their favorite funny wedding story.

A panel of judges read and chose their favorite story from those eligible, and I WON! Woohoo!

Kaye is super-generous. She's giving away lots of gift cards, several signed copies of her new book (pictured at left and available for pre-order Here) and a CD of the songs mentioned in the book. (The songs are listed on today's post over at Kaye's blog.)

A special thanks goes out to Tiffany and Chad who got married about a year ago. And to Amos and the little flower girl for providing the funny story. You can read the story over at Kaye's blog.

Hop on over and give it a gander, then hurry to to pre-order your copy of Stand-In Groom.

And thank you, Kaye!


  1. Congratulations on the contest! That story is so cute. I can see the two of them in my mind, with the smell of fruit salad in the background!

  2. Congratulations on your story! You just slay me!

  3. Yeah, Girl Way to go!