Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Today's excitement

This is how I felt today after I got my pupils dilated at the eye doctor.


  1. ROFL! I hate that test.

  2. Great picture! The last time I had an eye exam, they used a new machine that didn't require having my eyes dilated. Much nicer.

  3. Cute! So what's the prognosis?

  4. New glasses in 7-10 days, and my eyes look good, only needed a tiny tweak.

    The dilation took HOURS to wear off. I came home and pulled all the drapes and turned off the lights and made like a mole. LOL

  5. Erica, I remember the first time I got my eyes dilated.

    I jumped when I saw myself in the mirror. And then I actually stood up on tiptoe and tried to look down inside my eyes, because they really looked like big cave openings!

    And, no, I was not a child when this happened. LOL