Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Minnesota Maze

Just yesterday I got the crits back on the last 1/4th of the novel I wrote this winter. So now on my horizon are the massive rewrites needed to strengthen this novel.
For me, it's like a maze, lots of ways to go, but only one really good one. I'm a self admitted sufferer of WADs (Word Attachment Disorder). I don't seem to have any trouble tweaking the minor things, the over-use of words, repetitive sentence structure, places where I was unclear. It's the structural rewrites that give me fits. One of my crit partners pointed out a weakness at the end of this novel that I suspected but hoped they would let slide. (Like THAT Ever Happens) I'm faced with a major rewrite.
In the current WIP, I had to go back to the beginning and change both the hero's motivation and his family associations. It has taken me over a week to comb through the first 70 pages. And I know it will need another going over once the ms is finished.
I wonder if there is an offshoot of WADs that includes a propensity for impatience and a shying away from the hard work? I'd sure like to have a perfect ms the first time out of the box. But that's not how it works. It takes a lot of polishing, reworking, rewriting, critiques. So I'll buckle down and rewrite.
Anyone else got WADs? With the Impatience Gene?


  1. I have a MAJOR case of WADS. Unraveling something that's already written is oh-so-hard. LOL, you were hoping we'd let it slide, you're cracking me up! Still, you wrote a great story, and I consider it a tweak. I wonder if there's an antidote for WADS? Maybe a syrum, or a shot.

  2. WADS You're so funny!

  3. Erica, congrats on having a finished mss. that you can rewrite. That's huge! I love going back in and rethinking my stories to make them stronger. It is hard work, but for me, an amazingly satisfying task. Slay WADS! Delete those words. Wear out your FLIP dictionary. Make your prose sing. Good luck!

  4. You're so far ahead of me right now, WADS or not, it's not even funny!