Friday, June 13, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five:

Five things I wanted to be when I grew up:

1. A nurse. (Addicted to Cherry Ames books as a kid. Those and Sue Barton.)

2. A vet. I couldn't think of anything better from the time I was five to the time I was about twelve.

3. A teacher. This one I actually managed to pull off. Got a degree in secondary education and taught jr high and high school history. Now I teach my two kidlets at home.

4. A cowboy. Mostly because I wanted my own horse, and this was one occupation where a horse is a necessity.

5. A mom. Got my wish there too.

What about you? What did you wanna be when you grew up?


  1. I LOVE Cherry Ames. I had the board game when I was a kid (still have it) & I've collected the books, specifically the yellow cover books. So yeah, I wanted to be a nurse also. I did work for physicians & I married one. I also wanted to be a teacher, did that by homeschooling my 4 kidos. Wanted to be a mom & after a tough time getting started on that, did become mommy to 4 great kids. Now I'm also a mother-in-law. Looking forward to grandkids someday. I wanted a horse when I was a kid & watched Westerns all the time. Remember Annie Oakley?

  2. I don't remember watching Annie Oakley, but I was (and still am) addicted to The Big Valley. I liked Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Rawhide, Have Gun, Will Travel, Maverick, The Virginian, (all in reruns) and about a zillion others. I miss good westerns on tv. Must be why I have so many John Wayne DVD's.

  3. I remember in the third grade, wanting to be (or at least be like) Travis Williams, a return man for the Green Bay Packers. I watched him run back at least two kickoffs for touchdowns and thought that was the coolest thing. Given my blinding speed, it just wasn't meant to be (it's blinding because most people's natural tendency is to turn their heads to see where I went, actually forgetting to see me still barely out of the blocks and moving at the speed of snails).

  4. I wanted to be a cowboy. I'm still waiting to grow up

  5. Hi Erica, I never wanted to be a nurse. My mom was one and I got a shot every time I sneezed. :( Not fun.

    I wanted to be a Dancer like Juliette Prowse, a journalist like Ernie Pyle, a teacher like my favorite aunt, a cowboy like Jesse James--and I loved watching Have Gun Will Travel, Bonanza and Gun Smoke with my dad. I also wanted to be--Mmmmm, I won't tell you that one. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  6. You wanted to be a cowboy? How cute! I wanted to be a writer, for as long as I can remember. Of course, when I was little I thought there was big money to be made, and I'd be writing in silk jammies and a boa, but I suppose writing for free in my sweats is just as fun.

  7. Oh, Man! Jess! I need to know!!!!

    Maybe I can guess...

    Shoe salesman?

  8. Well, when I was teeny tiny, I wanted to be an artist. Then in early middle and high school I thought seriously about being a teacher. But since I'm headed off to cosmetology school in December, I'd say artist won out. =)

  9. There are only a few things I remember "wanting" to be (or at least dreaming of being):

    A wife who didn't have to work for a living and whose disgustingly wealthy husband doted on her (umm--still holding out for this one)

    An equine vet

    An equine Olympian

    A hand model