Friday, June 06, 2008

The Friday Five

This week the kids and I have been enjoying watching Zoo Diaries, a series of half-hour episodes of life behind the scenes of the Metro Toronto Zoo. The series is well done, and we've really been enjoying it. It's given me an idea for a new book. :)

One of the fun things about this series is getting to know the keepers as well as the animals. So this week's Friday Five is Five Things that would prevent me from being a zoo keeper.

1. The number of zoo animals that eat bugs. I hate bugs. I would hate to have to grab a live cricket and hand it to a marmoset. (Something that occured on the show.)

2. The stubborness of the largest animals. They have a pachyderm that sometimes takes hours to lead into the barn overnight. Unfortunately for them, this elephant is the herd matriarch and if she doesn't want to cooperate, she prevents the other six or seven female elephants from cooperating as well. Makes for some very long nights.

3. Things that slither or have more than four legs. Keepers wrangle pythons and tarntulas. None for me thanks.

4. Broken hearts. I'd get so attached to my charges, then when tragedy strikes (as in the newborn Siberian tiger that had to be euthanized) or when an animal is adopted out to another zoo due to overcrowding, I'd be bawling my little Yoda eyes out.

5. Zoo Poo. Nuff Said.

How about you? Watched any good series lately?


  1. Zookeeper is definitely not on my dream job list. Cleaning the cat litter box is as close as I will get.

    As to watching a series: Does Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea count? Big Valley? (-;

  2. The Rockford Files, Time Tunnel, Perry Mason and The Flintstones ---some of the oldies but goodies. Oh, yes, and I never miss Little People, Big World or Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

    I've never liked zoos. I don't like things in cages and only go when I'm absolutely pressured into it.