Friday, May 09, 2008

The Friday Five

Five Signs Spring Has Come to Minnesota:

1. The Vetsch Annual Dandelion Investation is underway.

2. The sump pump serenades us to sleep at night.

3. People shed layers of clothing only to find they've gained some winter weight.

4. Women no longer wear their winter boots into church and carry their dress shoes. They now wear their galoshes into church and carry their dress shoes.

5. My children greet me with snurfs, sneezes, and allergy red eyes.

Ah, spring!


  1. Too early here for dandelions, but the forget-me-nots and violets are dotting the Must be too cold or too wet, but we haven't been surrounded by clouds of mayflies when we go outside. Not sure if that's good or bad because they eat the mosquito larvae. Lots of green dust on the windshield from tree pollen. Achoo! I hate Spring.

  2. About #3--that's here in AZ too!!!

  3. Yay for Spring! I love Spring!

  4. LOL. Very funny, Erica!

  5. Signs of spring in Nashville:

    1. Dependence upon Claratin, Nasonex, and Visine-Allergy to make it through each day.

    2. Sounds of lawnmowers waking me up at 7 a.m. on Saturdays.

    3. Gospel Music Association Week, the Country Music Maraton, the Iriquois Steeplechase, and the opening of the Farmer's Market.

    4. Needing the heater at night and the AC during the day.

    5. The threat of severe thunderstorms and/or tornadoes at least once every 7 to 10 days.