Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today was a work day on the WIP. I knocked out 5K words today, and now I'm only three scenes from the end. The last scene has me a little worried, wondering if I can pull it off the way I want to. We'll see when I get there.
I'll be working on a new proposal as soon as this WIP is done. I'm in such a dither about how to start an historical cowboy kinda book. I love cowboys and all things western. I think I'll peruse some of my favorite westerns and see how the greats did it.
How about you? Are you making progress on your WIP? Are you thinking about that next project? Do you read the 'greats' in your genre to see how they handle situations?


  1. My question is, when are you sending it my way???

    I only wrote one chapter this week, and my chapters are shorties. Oy--I need to make more progress!

  2. I'm sure you can pull off the last scene with a bang. As to the cowboy story, I think you have a very exciting opening.

  3. I was up until 3 am the other night doing some clean up work and rewriting a chapter.

    Hey, I love cowboys. Several months ago I bought the first season of Bonanza and sit here watching it all by myself. Usually the 'boys' are walking through town and spot trouble. LOL Okay, so your hero is riding through and spots the heroine in a real pickle. Nothing like getting them together super-fast!

    Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. Just so I won't be clueless on any further posts...what's a WIP?

  5. Hey, Livvie!

    WIP stands for Work In Progress.

    Do you have a WIP at the moment??

  6. I'm still letting two book ideas simmer in my head. But in the meantime I'm doing a lot of editing for clients, and that's keeping me busy.

  7. 5K in one day? You are a mean, writing machine. Rarely do I knock off that much in one day. I'm inching along, as you say. Just took three days off (Fr, Sa, and today) to clean the house, do some desperately needed filing, organize my mess, and worship today. I'm rested and ready to attack my WIP tomorrow.
    A cowboy story? Sounds interesting.

  8. well, kinda sorta...I haven't written anything in a long time, but I have an idea I've been doing some major flirting with in the last couple of weeks.