Friday, April 04, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five comes courtesy of Kaye Dacus who gave me the idea:
Five Nicknames I have had.
1. Ducky. Anyone who knows my email address will recognize this one. It is a favorite of my parents.
2. Herca. My cousin (more than a dozen years younger than I) couldn't say Erica, thus Herca.
3. Kukada (Kuk-uh-duh) This is what my sister christened me when they brought me home from the hospital. She was 18 mos. old and this is her rendition of Erica.
4. Kuk. My mom's favorite. She uses it about half the time. In fact, I can't remember the last time she called me Erica. It's either Kuk, Duck, or Ducky.
5. Tarbaby. This one is a long story and one for its own blog post.
How about you? Any nicknames you'd like to share? C'mon, I was brave, you can be too!


  1. LOL! Love it. You really are a brave soul.

  2. When I was very little, my dad called me The Little One or Dolly

    In high school, Bones, because I wanted to be a doctor and I had a crush on Dr. McCoy. De,last syllable of a nickname and homage to De Kelley (Dr. McCoy.) The Kid.

    In my mid 20's, I did a piece of artwork for a friend and signed with my initials. My friend christened me CJ. I had a boss who would yell Ceej! Come here I need you. I loved that one. LOL

    In Australia, if you're well liked, you're given a nickname. My friend Kaz was miffed that I already had a nickname so she gave me a "proper" name. Ceejay.

    Oh, and there were some nicknames my brother called me, but I can't put them in print (-;

  3. My aunt used to call me Ducky Doolittle. Sometimes my dad still calls me Doolittle (although I generally do VERY MUCH.)

    My niece, Jenny and nephew, Jarrod christened me for reasons of their own---Tamika and Yolanda. They'll call me one or the other and laugh hysterically.

    My niece, Heather, used to call me Donnameek.

    All the little great nieces and nephews call me Mawmaw Donna. I kind of like that one best.

  4. I've got some strange ones. My dad is one of those people that gives nicknames to everybody by skewering or reversing the pronunciation of your name. Most of the time I am Leaker. That's the backwards phonetic pronunciation of my name.

    Online I'm known as Purple and Grapes, short for Grapedy. That one happened in a chat room one night when a friend said he used to call purple "grapedy" because it was the same color as grape juice. If I ever meet him in real life he will call me Grapes to my face and the sad part is I'll answer.

    My sister is known as Killer. Nobody really knows why because she was always the first one to die when they were playing their computer war games. The other one is Thebaliz. My brother Jason is Nosage. Papa never really figured one out for Jeremiah.

  5. I love your Friday Five! In high school, a friend dubbed me Fresca. I can't remember why. He was just weird. Since I was a cheerleader, he ordered me a megaphone for my sweater with the name Fresca on it. I still have it. :)

    In my 20s, a boyfriend called me JohnBoy because I wrote short stories and sent them out. Guess he watched too much Walton's Mountain. LOL

    When I moved to Louisiana, writer friends called me Jess. I prefer that over Jessy and have no idea why I created an email address with the name Jessy. :( I'm stuck with it.

  6. Let's see . . .

    Kathy--I don't know if this one really counts. It's what I grew up going by.

    Kitten--what my mom calls me, which is interesting, because we both hate cats

    Kat--what my family call me now, started by my college best-friend

    Kayeola--(kay-OH-lah) what several of my coworkers at the newspaper called me for ten years

    Kiki--what my friends from grad school call me