Sunday, April 13, 2008


Have you ever noticed how it is easier sometimes to see God working in someone else's life than in your own? You hear stories of how, at just the right moment, God moved to solve a problem, to give ease to a situation, to bestow a blessing. You rejoice for the person, and you ask yourself, why not me? Wouldn't that be cool if it happened to me that way?
Last night, God bestowed a blessing on me. In August of 2007, a girlfriend and I made plans to attend the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) annual conference in Duluth, April 2008. We've attended the last 7 conferences together, barring one. It's important to make hotel reservations early, particularly if you want to stay at The Edge, the best hotel in Duluth. The Edge has an indoor waterpark and excellent facilities. I hopped on line in August 2007 and made our reservations for conference weekend.
Yesterday afternoon, I checked the confirmation email that has been sitting in my inbox for several months. YIKES! Instead of two nights at The Edge, I'd only reserved ONE!
When 6000+ homeschoolers descend on Duluth, there aren't any hotel rooms left. Some people cross the harbor and stay in Superior, Wisconsin because they can't get a room in Duluth.
In spite of all this, I felt really calm. I called the hotel and spoke with Leah. When I told her my predicament, she made rather unpromising noises. "We're totally booked for that weekend, but I'll check for you."
Deep breaths. Key's clacking over the phone.
"Well, I just checked for someone a few minutes ago and we were booked, but someone must've cancelled. Your room is available!"
"Thank you, Lord!" I said this over the phone. :) Silence from Leah.
"Um, thank you. I'll take it."
Got new confirmation email, checked over very carefully.
I'm happy I recognized how God was the one who made the reservation correction possible. It's an excellent reminder that He is working in my life all the time, whether I recognize it as I did this time, or not, which is most of the time.
And Kaye and G- I rechecked the reservations for Minneapolis. We're good to go. :)


  1. That is very cool! And have fun on your trip.

  2. LOL! Yay for rechecking =) A homeschool conference sounds like a lot of fun. I never got the chance to go to one, but you never know with the little ones hitting school age soon.