Thursday, March 13, 2008

What in the world?

I'm so out of the loop on pop culture. I just learned that a plant I have growing in my flower garden is actually an hallucenogenic similar to marajuana. Did you know salvia has been outlawed in several states and more states are expected to follow?
I can successfully grow exactly THREE plants, and now one of them might be illegal. Yikes. I don't know if all Salvia has these properties or not. It seems sad to uproot a perfectly good plant that flowers beautifully. Maybe I could just put up no smoking signs around it. :)


  1. Salvia? Great! Finally a way to get rid of the Leaf Lady! She has it growing as a border to one of her flower beds. Hers is silver though.

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  3. Okay, here's how exhausted I am this morning. I started reading your post about the plant. Then I read what I thought said:

    "Did you know that SALIVA has been outlawed in several states . . ."

    And I thought, how in the world are they going to enforce a law against SALIVA--I mean, what are they going to do, make people walk around with cottonballs in their mouths all day? Or is it just against saliva that comes out of people's mouths--like spitting?

    Then I read it more carefully and figured out that I was transposing the letters. But I think outlawing SALIVA is much funnier.

  4. Okay, I'm with Kaye. At first I read saliva. LOL And I'm very interested in how you found out. See it on the news? Next, I'm wondering when you're going to write that sweet little Heartsong where the heroine meets the cutie sheriff when he outlaws her flower garden because the local teens are hanging out there. LOL

  5. I found the information on line. I linked to the news article I ran across. Amazing what people will find to mess up their lives.

    Outlawing Saliva...hmm...that would be difficult. LOL

    And Jess, wouldn't that be a fun storyline? LOL