Friday, March 07, 2008

Taming Rafe by Susan May Warren - Guest Blog

Today I'm blogging about Susan May Warren's latest release, Taming Rafe. I have to say, the Noble Legacy series has some of the most beautiful covers in the CBA today. And no one writes heroes like Susan. Her men are real men!

From the back cover: In less than eight seconds, two-time world champion bull rider Rafe Noble lost his title, his career, his best friend—all on the dirt floor of a noisy rodeo arena.

Katherine Breckenridge just wants to make a difference by running her mother’s charity foundation. But the mysterious disappearance of half a million dollars has forced it to the brink of bankruptcy, and when an out-of-control Rafe Noble destroys her last-chance charity event, Katherine heads to the Noble family ranch to enlist Rafe’s help in raising the money he cost her.

But Rafe is broke—in cash and in spirit—and helping her is the last thing he wants to do… especially when it could cost him – and Katherine – their lives.

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And Susie was gracious enough to guest blog on the pros and cons of writing in a series.

So, Here's Susie!

To series or not to series; that is the question…

I had this conversation recently with my editor. With today’s trends, it’s hard to know what to do – the one book bang, or the series net?

What on earth am I talking about?

With a series, the idea or theme of the series is the big hook – an Amish series (pick any of the best-selling authors today), or a suspense romance series set in Hawaii (Colleen Coble), maybe it’s a suspense romance with a group of heroes (think: O’Malley, or Team Hope) a series about a group of friends bemoaning their lives over facials (Kristin Billerbeck’s hilarious Spa Girls). It could be a generational series – either forward or backwards (Heirs of Anton). Or even a family of cowboys set in modern day Montana (the Noble Legacy). Series ideas are sold on the strength of the series concept, and the hope that each book will capture readers in the net. Although the author’s presence in the marketplace is important, a series is a great way for a new author to break into the market, especially if they have a strong series hook. Of course, established authors have also made their mark by developing strong series.

And, once a reader is a hooked into a series, often, well, they come back. However, on the flip side, when book two or three comes out, the bookstore needs to stock the previous book(s), or it’s a deterrent for the reader to buy the subsequent ones.

Stand alones are perfect for authors who have either a super one-story idea, some sort of platform for their name. Often authors who are more established with a series move to the stand-alone route (Francine Rivers and Ted Dekker come to mind!), although the strength of a story idea can often launch an author into the publishing limelight (ie, Lisa Samson’s books are great examples of wonderful stand–alones). Also some genres are more conducive to stand-alones—thrillers, for example do well with the one-book punch. As do Women’s Fiction novels. However, fantasy books, as well as Amish or prairie romances do well in series. As do romantic suspense novels, and often, chick lit.

So – the question remains, what kind of story do you want to write? Ask yourself: does your story have a large cast that could branch off into other stories? Does your story have the spark it needs to stand alone, or is your strength in you series’ hook? Does your genre lean more toward series, or stand-alones? And, could you see your character continuing on from the present book, to have a life in later stories?

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to write stand-alones, or sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous series… That’s up to you…and story God has given you to write!

Thank you, Susie, for guest blogging.

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  1. I won and read the other book from this series, Reclaiming Nick. I just visited her site to enter the contest for Dinner with Rafe. He's just too purty to pass up!

  2. Won the book from one of your contests, Ducky

  3. Thanks for sharing Rafe with your readers!

    *g* Susan May Warren