Saturday, March 01, 2008

Re-evaluating goals

It's time to re-evaluate those goals.
Now that I've gotten my contest entries off to the judges, I am focusing on getting a novel done. Things have gone all haywire with my previous goals, so I'm starting a new list here.
1. Write. As a person who likes great blocks of time to get work done, my current pace of life is throwing me off. I need to learn to write in snatches whenever I can. I'm 20% done with the first draft of a new novel. I want to grow that by at least 10% a week until the book is done.
2. Read. I've been neglecting my fiction reading lately. As someone who used to devour three to five books a week easily, my goal is one fiction book a week.
3. Study. I had set a goal earlier this year to read five books on craft. I've surpassed that. Now comes the part about applying what I've learned. I'm particularly focused on applying Goal, Motivation, and Conflict to every scene.
4. Give Back. I plan to be busy in the upcoming months with critiques for my lovely crit partners and as a contest judge. Excellent chances to give back to the writing community.
5. Invest. Attend the ACFW conference in September. I've made my hotel reservations already, and I'm just waiting for registration to open.
I'll add specific conference goals later. For now, the primary goal is to finish this novel.


  1. Curious--which craft books did you read?

  2. Hey, G-

    Here's the list as best I remember. My local library has a SLEW of writing books. :)

    Craft Books:

    How to write Christian Romance - Gail Martin
    Complete Idiot's Guide to Christian Fiction - Ron Benrey
    The Plot Thickens - Noah Lukeman
    Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott
    Goal, Motivation, Conflict - Debra Dixon
    On Writing Romance: How to craft a novel that sells - Leigh Michaels
    How to Write and Sell Historical Fiction - Persia Woolley (This one was a napper)
    How to Write Western Novels by Matt Braun
    Before we Get Started, A practical memoir of the writer's life - Bret Lott