Friday, March 28, 2008

The Friday Five

Since I've been spending so much time in my van lately, this week's Friday Five is:
Five things that are always in my van. (besides me)
1. My CD's. Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Michael W. Smith, etc.
2. Garbage can. I seem to generate a lot of garbage while in the car, but I can't stand a messy car.
3. Air Freshener. I use the Glade solids, usually raspberry scented.
4. Laptop adapter. You never know when you might have to kill a little time and can get some work done.
5. Rand McNally Atlas. Handy, and also a good time killer. I love maps.
So? What's in your car?


  1. Do you really take your laptop everywhere? My car is a mess--my husband already commented on that today =) I love having a sparkling clean home, but the car is a whole 'nother matter. Usually I have some form of drink in the car because I don't like to drive thirsty.

  2. In my car, the car book so I can read while I wait. Car book changes depending on what I'm reading at the time. Change in the cubby in front of the drinks holder. A trashbag in the back seat. And beside me, Cory or a Weeble or two. (-;

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  4. Okay, my car is a trash heap. In fact, when I got in to drive to work this morning, my first thought was, "I really need to clean out this car!" So let's see . . .

    1. The audiobook CDs of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I'm listening to for the fifth or sixth time.

    2. The burned out fluorescent light bulb from my under-cabinet kitchen light. I had to take it to Target with me to make sure I got the right size. Now I need to find out how to safely dispose of it.

    3. Several jackets. Last week, it was around freezing when I left the house in the morning, and sixty or seventy degrees by lunchtime. So the jackets came off and just haven't made it inside yet.

    4. Junk mail from the past several weeks. When I get home at night, I just roll down the window and grab the mail before pulling into the driveway. Most of it's junk mail, so it gets tossed in the floor of the passenger seat. Our recycling only gets picked up once a month, so it usually stays there until the night I'm putting the recycling bin out at the curb.

    5. A bottle of water. I always keep a bottle of water in the car because I dehydrate so easily. Even if it's the height of summer and the water's almost steaming-hot, I'll still drink it.

  5. Was almost embarrassed to answer this until I saw others have messy cars too---LOL

    1. Plastic spoons--since I often eat lunch in the car, I keep a supply of platic spoons.

    2. Hand sanitizer--I stay WELL by keeping sanitized. :)

    3. A plastic raincoat from the Maid of the Mist boat ride. The kids hate when I put it on, but hey, it keeps everything dry.

    4. Trash from luches, the boys school folders, junk mail, coupons, etc.

    5. Jumper cables, empty tea cups, plastic containers, kids, legos, books and our CD player.

    That's more than five, but I've never been good at math. :)