Friday, March 07, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is a repeat of one I did awhile back, but with some new ideas. Five things you will never hear me say.

1. Please, let me sew that for you. I love to sew.

2. Yes, I'd be happy to have ringside tickets to Sumo-wrestler-palooza.

3. No, I don't need the calculator, I'm a whiz at math in my head.

4. Go, Oakland Raiders!

5. More mac'n'cheese, please.
How about you? Anything you wouldn't say?
The picture is in honor of my son, who is writing a report on capuchin monkeys.


  1. Please, let me cook dinner.

    No thanks, I've had enough Diet Coke today.

    I'm not in the mood to eat Mexican food.

    Laundry rocks!

    Put that brush down, it's my turn to clean the toilet!

  2. Don't be silly. I'll do your shopping at Mahket Basket for you.

    May I see that dress in pink?

    I'll have extra cheese, onion, and mayo on my sub

    I'll give up IM for Lent

    Chocolate? No, thanks.

  3. Things I would never say:

    I want to go skydiving.

    I write chick lit.

    I like Collin Firth.

    Spend the winter in Minnesota? Why, I'd love to!

    Sure, I'd love to hold your screaming baby.