Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Setting the Mood

Saturday I sat in a carrel at the library, back to the windows, nothing to look at but the computer screen, and no internet hookup.

I produced 5000 words in five hours. This included a break to visit the used bookstore downtown, a few bathroom breaks, and a little time spent looking at my daughter's choice of library books. (Giant glossy pictures of African Mammals)

Yesterday, I had a couple hours time to write, and I only produced 1000 words. Each one was a fight. A fight to get them in my head, a fight to get them on the paper, and a fight not to run check my email between each word.

I've found that moving to another place often helps me focus. A Coffee shop, Panera, or as I am now in the pool observation area at our local YMCA (Kids are swimming, oldest is working on her Red Cross Life Guard certification). I've been here about half an hour and 1000 words to the good.

Sometimes I move to a new writing spot in my house, light some candles, open some M&M's, and turn off the wireless internet card in the laptop. I tell the kidlets I need some quiet time to write, and voy-o-lee as my daughter says, I turn into a writing machine.

So where do you write, how do you set the mood, and how do you change things up when you need a boost?


  1. Me? I can't seem to write unless someone slaps a dime on the table. Then I'm good to go. (-;

  2. This sounds great. Wish I could pull it off. My writing life has been totally wrecked ever since Christmas. :(

  3. I hate to admit it, but I can get more writing done at work than I can at home! It all comes down to this: I'm more productive when I'm supposed to be doing something else than when I have all the time in the world to write.

    I need to start spending my Saturday mid-days at the library at Trevecca, where I did my undergrad work. No internet, no movies, no laundry, no distractions.

  4. Internet is such a huge distraction! But once I dig in (about 1/2 hour into writing) I can ignore other things. Good for you, Erica!