Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is another walk down memory lane.
Five cars I've owned or driven.
1. The first car I drove was a 196-something Ford Galaxy 500, turquoise with a black interior.
2. For most of high-school, I drove a 1972 Chevy Blazer, blue and white with a removeable hard top.
3. When I got married, my husband and I bought a 1985 1/2 Red Ford Escort. Unfortunately, my beloved little Marci was brutally murdered when a kid without a driver's license ran a yield sign and slammed into her with me in the driver's seat. I was shaken and stirred, but not broken up.
4. Our next car was a 1987 gold Ford Escort named Franklin. I loved that car, but when our second child was on the way, we decided we needed something bigger.
5. We bought a 1987 blue Ford Taurus Station Wagon. I named it Lucy, we got it cheap, and it didn't owe us a dime when we sold it.
Bonus coverage:
6. We bought a 1996 Olds Delta 88, green with a gold pinstripe. I named it Peppermint Patty (are you sensing a theme here?) which my husband still drives.
7. In 2004, we bought a brand new (first time we ever bought a new car) Olds Silhouette Minivan. It is gold, and I've named it Pigpen.
My husband had a 1976 Olds Cutlass when we got married. His name was Linus...and thus began the Peanuts names.
I've never had a speeding ticket. :)
Do you have any car memories? Does anyone else name their cars?


  1. Let's see . . .

    1. 1982 Nissan Stanza, which I bought the summer of 1988--right before my senior year of HS. 2-door hatchback, royal blue, 5-speed manual. The accelerator stuck occasionally, so that when I'd push in the clutch to shift, the engine would rev. Had TONS of problems with that car. Will never buy another Nissan.

    2. 1987 Plymouth Sundance. Light blue, 4-door, 5-speed manual. Bought from my dad in 1991. Good little car until the AC went kaput in July 1993.

    3. 1993 Dodge Spirit. White, 4-door, automatic. First car I bought new. It was an okay car. I had to replace the stereo after about a year (right after the 12 month warranty expired, actually), and the engine was starting to give me trouble right before I was in a head-on collision that totalled it shortly after moving to Nashville in 1996.

    4. 1996 Pontiac Grand Am. Red, 2-door, 5-speed manual. Loved that car! Unfortunately, GMAC took it back after a couple of years when I got behind on payments. :-(

    5. 1990 Olds Cutlass Supreme, which I bought in 1998 or 1999. White, 2-door, first car with leather interior and sunroof. This was a perfect transitional car for me when getting back on my feet financially. I had to have the horn disconnected, because every time I put the least pressure on the steering wheel (like turning), it honked the horn.

    6. 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue, my current car. Dark green, tan leather interior, sun roof. I bought it in 2001 and have loved it ever since. I've had to replace a few things, like the battery, the alternator, the shocks/struts, the brakes, and the left front fender has been crashed into a couple of times by little old ladies driving land yachts and not paying attention. The sunroof hasn't actually worked since about 2003. But it's nice to have a skylight. It's my baby.

    You know, I just realized, I've never owned a car manufactured in THIS century!

  2. Thank you for getting up early to write your Friday Five. I always look forward to this. Check out my first car at

  3. You are a clever girl with your Friday Fives :-) My neighbor and I were just talking about this at Starbucks this week.
    1. "Old Blue"--a turquoise 1959 Chevy Biscayne. No fond memories here.
    2. 1971 White American Motors something or other--no A/C, but my husband drove it until the wheels fell off.
    3. 1968 Ford Torino--not my car, officially, but my husband's HS graduation gift, which we kept until the twins were born (babies no. 2 and 3) and we needed a station wagon so . . .
    4. 1976 Plymouth Volare Station Wagon. A miserable car.
    5. 1980 Buick Skylark (white)--my favorite car up to this point.
    6. 1984 Dodge Ram full-size van when child no. 4 came along. It lived many lives and carries all the best memories of our children's growing up years. At age 15 with 220,000 miles, we donated it to someone in need of a vehicle, and it kept on trucking as a pizza delivery van for another few years.
    7. 1989 Red Ford Tempo (yes! I had one, too). This car endured four major wrecks--the joys of teenage drivers--before its final demise.
    8. 1998 GMC Jimmy--loved this SUV until it turned postal on me.
    9. 2005 Silver PT Cruiser--my current baby that I dearly love.

    I've left off all my hubby's pickups and "between" vehicles we've owned. I have to say, though, that I've never named my cars, except for Old Blue.

    I'm afraid my trip down memory lane gives you an idea of how advanced in years I am. I learned to drive at age 11 in a pickup with a stick shift, got my license at age 14, and have been known to operate a wheat truck or two in my life. I've come a long way, baby!

  4. OH, you SO do not want to hear my car stories. Talk about dramady. But it all came to a happy ending when I met my future husband when he sold me a car. Needless to say, everyone teased him that they hoped he gave me a good deal, because he was paying for it now!

    LOVE your Friday 5's.

  5. Erica, my parents had a 85 1/2 red Escort, too.

    I remember putting the back seat down when we took long trips and my sister and lying on it on our stomachs with our feet up in the air and reading books.

    I'll always remember that car with some vanity which is odd since it's an Escort. My parents had driven a beat-up 73 Pontiac for years, and the Escort was the first new car we'd owned. Plus it was the year the third brake light came out.

    Nothing like a car with 3 break lights to make you feel cool, lol.

  6. I learned to drive in a 1994 Chevy sailtop conversion van. From Choo-Choo Customs in Nashville, Tennessee. We drove that van to the Grand Canyon and back, Orlando and back and God only know how many trips to grandparents' houses. It was semi-retired 3 years ago with 156K miles on it.

    The first car I owned was a 1993 white Ford Thunderbird. It was in a wreck in October 2001, and the cost of repairs was more than the Blue Book value. Junked it.

    My second car is my current one. A '97 white Pontiac Grand Am. I hit 160K on it earlier this week. The sad part is when we bought it 4 years ago, it only had 89K on it. It's slowly dying, and I'm very much looking forward to replacing it later this year.

    My next car will, hopefully, be a Jeep Patriot.