Friday, February 01, 2008

The Friday Five

Since last week's 'five' was so well received, I thought we'd visit elementary school again.
Five things I remember from Hageman Elementary School in Salina, Kansas:
1. Kindergarten: I sat at the Orange Rhombus table. I felt like a geek. No one knew what a Rhombus was. All the cool kids sat at the Purple Ellipse table. Not that we knew what an Ellipse was either. At least not that first day. I learned to lace my shoes that year, and that if a dog is happy to see you, it will wag its tail. One boy said a bad word and the teacher made him take a bite out of a bar of Irish Spring. He barfed it on the floor on his way back to his seat. (At where else but the Orange Rhombus table.)
2. First Grade: My teacher had a bee-hive hairdo, and she wore bright red lipstick where she had no lips. She had checkered polyester pants, and she taught us to read silently. I drew a picture of a siamese cat that my art teacher loved enough to mat and display for several years in her art room.
3. Second Grade: My teacher made us color with square crayons that were hard to hold. She used the overhead projector to teach math (which I always thought was silly with those miles and miles of chalkboards around the room) and she wore her wristwatch so that she had to turn her wrist over and look at it on the inside of her arm. When we were being too loud and unruly, she'd slap down the bank of lightswitches and yell "FREEZE!" It is amazing what sort of convoluted positions a second grader can get into between the lights going out and the teacher's yell. We became adept at hanging out of our desks and balancing on one foot. :)
4. Third Grade: My best friend, Tresa, and I played at every recess. All the girls were in love with Shaun Cassidy (Da do run run) and I got a pale blue satin jacket for Christmas. Not as cool as Kipra Appleby's blue satin jacket with Shaun Cassidy's face on the back, but cool, nonetheless. Our teacher read us the entire Little House series, and I was put in remedial reading. Good gravy. I read all the time! I missed the last few days of third grade due to a family funeral several states away.
5. Fourth Grade: my last year in public school. My teacher was fantabulous. She put up with a wild class. She read us some amazing books, and we learned about Yanamamo Indians in the Amazon. This was also the year we got to write in cursive. I had a crush on Scott T. mostly because he had been to the Smithsonian Institute. Was I a geek or what? We were brutal to a substitute teacher named Miss Smiedler who wore platform heels. Such monsters.
What about you? Any memories from elementary school?


  1. Wow--you have such detailed memories. Let's see if I can do this . . .

    1. Kindergarten--I was in the morning (half-day) class. The teacher wrote all of our home addresses on strips of construction paper, and we had to stand up and pick ours off the board. Those kids who knew theirs got their construction-paper address taken down. The rest of us had to go through this every day until we learned our address. I seem to remember that it took me a while to learn "1670 Valencia Drive."

    2. First Grade--My first grade teacher was Mrs. Chamness, the lady we'd bought our house from a year before. They went to our church, and Mrs. Chamness was my mom's Mary Kay lady too.

    3. Second Grade--My second grade teacher was Mrs. Sanders. Our classroom adjoined through a large doorway (that had a collapsible "curtain" wall that could be closed) with another second grade classroom. The other teacher taught us art. I remember that if we got our work done in class, we got the "treat" of being able to do the SRA reading cards.

    4. Third Grade--I had the horrible, awful, completely terrible Mrs. O. for third grade--the teacher all the students dreaded, I especially,a s my sister'd had her for third grade. We started long division and cursive writing in third grade. We got out of school for a week in the spring because my dad had a TDY assignment in California, so the whole family went for a week. We went to Disneyland and to the San Diego Zoo.

    5. Fourth Grade--Mrs. Bowling was my absolutely favorite teacher ever (except my mom in Jr. High). She seemed to understand that I wasn't a bad student (as my previous teachers had labeled me), I was just bored. I was so much a favorite student that she put my desk right next to hers! We wrote haiku and limericks in language arts, studied New Mexico history, and listened to her read books like A Wrinkle in Time, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, and Flash and the Swan, a book I enjoyed so much, she gave me a copy of it at the end of the year with a personal note inside of it. I still have it.

    Wow, it's amazing--I didn't think I could come up with specific memories, but once I started the first one, the others could hardly wait to be written!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to add on #5--I started wearing glasses in fourth grade.

  3. Another very entertaining Friday Five. I remember the Crystals singing Da Do Run Run. I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still. Da do run run, Da do run run. Think I'll continue this at The Compost Heap. Otherwise, I'll be taking over your blog! Stop by and see what life was like at St. Patrick's School. (-;

  4. I don't seem to have too many memories. But like Kaye, I remember getting my glasses. It was very traumatic in the 5th grade, because I think I was the only one. Naturally I was the only kid who couldn't put contact lenses in my eyes until I was in ninth grade, and by then I was already a nerd.

  5. It would be nice to have good memories to remember. You probably have a lot of topics for stories there.

  6. It would be nice to have good memories to remember. You probably have a lot of topics for stories there.