Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Friday Five - a wee bit early

Again, the Friday Five will be a wee bit early this week due to commitments all day tomorrow. So, after much thought, the Friday Five is:

Five things I remember from Sunday School as a kid:

1. The model of the Tabernacle. We loved that thing. It was like having a Bible times doll house.

2. Flannelgraph Bible stories. When the story was over, Mrs. Peterson (2nd grade) would let us retell the story and put the pieces up on the board.

3. Mrs. Smith (3rd grade) always vacationed in Florida during January, and she would bring back seashells for her students. I was so glad when it was finally my turn to be in Mrs. Smith's class, so I could pick out a seashell to bring home. (Kansas doesn't have many seashells, so these were real treasures.)

4. Benji Beaver stories. Okay, technically this was children's church and not Sunday school, but I have to include it here. I loved those stories. Benji always got himself into trouble (something I could identify with all too much) and he learned a valuable spiritual lesson each week.

5. My first Sunday School teacher that I can remember was a really tall man named Jody who broke his leg skiing. We all got to sign his enormous white cast, though some of us didn't know how to spell our names too good yet. And we got to play with a little model house from Bible times, with an Upper Room. Jody taught us to sing "I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock."

The picture is of the church I grew up in. I was married in this church, as were my siblings and my parents.


  1. Ah, flannelgraphs. I remember those.

  2. I think my clearest memory of Sunday School as a young child is singing. I've always loved to sing--it's my primary personal method of entering into a state of worship.

    It's so strange that I have vivid memories of Wednesday evenings, when a young couple in the church would take care of my sister and me while our parents were in choir practice--we made the burned-match crosses, tissue-paper flower, and other crafts like that. But I don't really have specific memories of Sunday School, even though we rarely missed a Sunday. Now, after age eleven or so, I do have clearer memories of SS. But nothing earlier than that. Strange, huh?

  3. What a wonderful legacy to have generations married in the same church. The church my parents were married in has been closed. Too bad because the inside of the upper church was so beautiful. Life size angels held the supports like buttresses on the inside of the church. Each angel face was different.

  4. No seashells in Kansas????


    Oh, wait. There weren't any in Chicago 'burbs, either.

    I will survive.

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