Friday, January 11, 2008

The Friday Five (late)

Five things I hadn't anticipated when I got a cat:
1. Hair. How can something so small (8 lbs) produce so much hair?
2. Just how slippery and argumentative a small animal can be when it comes time to put her in the travel case to go to the vet.
3. How nice it is to have someone glad to see you after a day away.
4. That keeping the cat food in the garage might lead to having mice snack on it and stash it behind the dashboard of my van, which necessitated a need to take the van to the garage for a de-kibble-ing.
5. Warm-cat-sleeping-in-your-lap-therapy.


  1. Nothing like that purr of greeting, even if the kitty pretends you're not needed.

  2. Aww, that's sweet. I tried having cats, and it sooo didn't work out. Everyone else's cats are so sweet with a soft purr and snoozing in the lap--mine, not so much. Simba chewed through the blinds, ate the couch cushions, and clawed my toes at night. Needless to say, he had to move away. Far, far away.

  3. Linda1:51 PM

    How about a kitty who breaks her leg? Didn't expect that. And Koda likes to smell my hair, nobody else's, just mine. Strange.

  4. I had a cat who used to like to nibble on my sweaters. Scrawny likes to lay along my shoulders and walk around asleep.

    My cats don't purr in greeting, they run to see if I bought more cat food!!

    But, I love the little sweeties.

  5. There is nothing in this world more soothing than a kitty curled up in your lap snoozing and purring. I ended up staying up later than planned last night because Zoe fell asleep in my lap and I just didn't have the heart to wake her up so I could go to bed. She and Aisling are having a bit of a tiff and not speaking to each other so Zoe needed some Mom time.

    Get some sort of plastic container to put the cat food in. Best bet will be a place like Petco or PetSmart. I had to put Zoe's in a plastic container after Arwen chewed a hole in the bag. Silly cat couldn't just tump it over. She was beautiful, but lacking in the brains department.

    Zoe used to claw at my toes and bite my ankles. Thankfully she grew out of that. She gets in trouble for scratching on the furniture but she's never torn anything up. Unless my cheap plastic Wal-Mart blinds count, lol. They're not ruined, but they do have wavy edges... And she comes running to greet me every time I come home from being gone, even if it's just been for an hour.

  6. That's hilarious about the de-kibbling! What an interesting discovery that must've been! :)