Monday, January 21, 2008

Book Review ~ 101 Cups of Water


Author: C.D. Baker

Summary: C.D. Baker dips into the flowing stream of God’s love and draws out relief, refreshment, mercy, hope and sustenance for a new generation of Christ-followers. Baker’s clean, simple prose is paired with evocative, black and white photographs that will etch each truth into the reader’s memory.
Reviews and Endorsements:
"David Baker invites readers into a perilous journey to the headwaters. You will find your preconceived notions of Christianity challenged, your veneer of pretense sanded down, and the bare wood of your thirsty soul exposed. These brief devotional readings strip away the façade and take us honestly to our longing for Living Water--and the quenching of your thirsty soul. Come--take and drink these surprisingly deep little cups of fresh, clear water for your soul."– Jane Rubietta, author of Come Closer

"Refreshingly honest and disarmingly vulnerable." – Cecil Murphey, best-selling co-author of 90 Minutes in Heaven and Heaven Is Real

" C. D. Baker shows us all the surprising times and places where we can drink from God's cup ."– Luci Shaw, poet and author of Breath for the Bones, The Crime of Living Cautiously, and Accompanied by Angels; writer in residence at Regent College

"I really REALLY like this book. Every soul can find rest and peace in these perfect little sips."– Ray Blackston, author of Flabbergasted

Author Bio: C.D. Baker founded and operated an award-winning insurance business before redirecting his career to write. His historical novel Crusade of Tears in The Journey of Souls series earned a Christy Award nomination. He’s completing a master’s degree in theological studies at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he splits his time from home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His website is
My Review: I knew from the first page this book would impact me deeply. I found myself and my own struggles in every entry. If you wrestle with the Christian life, with feeling that sometimes you're just going through the motions, that your soul is a desert longing for some healing rain, this book is for you.
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  1. Hi Erica,

    I'm the author and just wanted to thank you for hosting my book. Considering the struggles that gave it birth, its a real joy to see it touching others.

    Don't let me win the free book, though. Wouldn't that look great! :)


  2. Linda7:56 AM

    Sign me up for a chance please.