Friday, December 28, 2007

The Friday Five

Five movies guaranteed to make me cry:

1. Shenendoah, (1965) When Boy comes in the back door of the church and they all break into the Doxology, I cry...every time...and I've seen the movie at least fifteen times.

2. Apollo 13 (1995). The tension while the astronauts are out of radio communication is terrible. Then, the wide shot where mission control bursts out in cheers makes me burst out in tears.

3. A Time to Kill (1996) When Carl Lee Hailey comes out of the courthouse and wraps his daughter in a huge hug...and the background music is "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" the tears well up.

4. A Walk in the Clouds (1995) Just a beautiful movie. Paul (Keanu Reeves) is a wonderful character. When they find the last little bit of life in the burned grapevine, and the father realizes what he's done to the entire family...well, pass me the Kleenex!

5. The Green Berets (1968) Petersan! Petersan! Nuff said. Sniff, sniff....

How about you? Do you have a movie guaranteed to bring on the tears?


  1. Almost every movie makes me cry or at least get a lump in my throat. I even cried at an episode of the TV show Boston Legal the other night, and that is definitely NOT a tear-jerk show. I like your list and your inclusion of some of the classics.
    Also, thanks for the book recommendations on my blog. Hope you have a terrific new year!

  2. This is a hard question because I don't like movies that make me cry. It's one reason I don't like movies or books about animals. They always have me teary-eyed.

    One scene in "Meet Me in St. Louis" always makes cry. It's where Judy Garland sings, "Have Yourself a Merry, Little Christmas." I can rarely listen to that song without crying.

    I sometimes tear up at happy endings though, like in "The Sound of Music" or "Miracle on 34th Street." I love a good, happy ending.

    "The Patriot" made me cry because of the Mel Gibson characters terrible losses. But, I really can't think of any that I watch that make me cry.

  3. The movie "Stella" with Bette Midler always makes me cry, but that's pretty much the only one I can think of. I think I cried in The Last Sin Eater, but I've only seen it once so it may not have the bucket-o-tears effect the 2nd time around.

  4. Another great Friday Five!

    Yes, Shenandoah makes me cry. I cry when Jenny is left alone at the church when her husband is called up to service. Boy coming into the church at the end of the movies is another tissue grabber.

    When young Roddy McDowell searches the mine after the cave in "How Green was My Valley" looking for his father and he's calling Da-Da! That gets me too.

    I cry during the real "Alamo" when Richard Widmark as Jim Bowie learns his wife has died. Cry again when his freed slave Jethro sacrifices his own life to save Mr. Jim. I cry at the end when Mrs. Dickinson, her daughter and daughter's companion are the sole survivors and she walks past the Generalissmo and he salutes her. And I cry when I hear the song 13 Days of Glory. Where's my Kleenex?

  5. Just popping in to wish everyone a very blessed 2008.

    And one movie guaranteed to make you cry is . . . Old Yeller! :) Of course, these days, I cry during most movies and even some commercials! Guess it's my age.