Friday, December 21, 2007

The Friday Five

The Friday Five:
My Five Favorite Christmas decorations:
1. Bubble lights. I have a string of bubble lights in the garland decorating the top of my entertainment center.
2. Angel lights. These clear plastic angels have golden wings, and each has a white light in the base. I have three strings of these angels on my tree.
3. My Wizard of Oz Jingle Bells. Being from Kansas, I love all things Oz related. My mom gave me a set of glass jingle bell ornaments of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.
4. Red Poinsettia lights. We have to keep these high on the tree because my goofy cat has a taste for silk flowers and will munch on them if she gets the chance.
5. Nativity sets. I have 7 sets in my living room right now.
On the flip side, here are some Christmas decorations I do NOT like:
1. Tinsel. What a mess, and it looks cheezy to me.
2. Anything you blow up and put in your yard. Santas, snowmen, trees, giant snowglobes.
3. Flocking. Again, what a mess.
4. Pink, blue, silver aluminum Christmas trees. Blech.
5. Dancing Santas. Nuff said.
How about you? Got any favorites. Any Blech?


  1. I'm with you on the tinsel situation. There's just no way. We love lights, but only string them inside. Don't ask me why, I just live here.

  2. What? No angel holding a censer on your favorites? (-; As to tinsel, the source of our first argument. LOL I festively tossed in clumps, Himself painstakingly draped each strand. The second year we used a silver bead garland. Though Himself will point out in movies such as "A Wonderful Life" or "The Bishop's Wife", see? that's how tinsel is supposed to be hung!

  3. I'm not a big fan of the animated decorations (the ones that go on the tree that you can hear whirring as they move). But other than that, I enjoy most Christmas decorations.

    I'm heading out in less than twelve hours--have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Oh, and BTW, I just downloaded Dick Francis's Dead Heat to listen to in the car on the way . . . maybe it'll give me some more ideas for Major!

  5. In TOTAL agreement with you on the 5 hated things. Our next door neighbor has 4 inflatables in his yard. My inner Grinch wants to go over there at 2am with an icepick...

    Don't like tinsel at all the way most people do it. The way *I* do it on an 1853 Christmas tree is beautiful though. Of course I have to be the one to do it, lol. What I like as a garland on trees is beads. I'm going to post a picture of our Christmas tree on my blog tomorrow.