Friday, December 14, 2007

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:
Five things I have learned since moving to Minnesota.
1. Some Minnesota parking meters are equipped with an electrical plug which the car owner can use to plug in the block heater in his/her car so the car will not freeze solid and will start when the owner finishes their shopping.
2. The teensy road signs seen in ditches are for snowmobiles.
3. It's a good idea to carry kitty litter in your car, even if you don't own a cat.
4. When it is 10 degrees Farenheit or lower, they close down the car washes so you don't get frozen into your car when you drive home.
5. I learned to do the "Minnesota Boot Bang." This is when you walk across the gunky, snowy parking lot to your car, you open the door, then as you climb in, you bang the side of your boot against the lower part of the car to knock the slushy, filthy snow off your boot before you get into the car.
How about you? Have you moved to a new place and learned some things you didn't know before?


  1. I've always knocked the snow off my shoes/boots on the car threshold before pulling my feet in. Never knew it was called the "Minnesota Boot Bang" Thought it was just knocking the snow off my shoes/boots (-;

  2. When I moved to suburban Washington DC and commuted via the Metro into town for work, I quickly learned that you not only don't speak to anyone on the train, you don't even make eye-contact! Nothing marks you as an outsider--a "tourist"--as quickly as trying to start up a conversation or look someone directly in the eye.

    Also--escalators: "Stand on the right; walk on the left!" Very important to know, because commuters in DC can get downright nasty if someone is standing, blocking the through-passage for those who want to walk up the escalator.

  3. Erica, I don't know if I would make it in Minnesota. I've lived in OK and TX my whole life and they are pretty much the same--hot in the summer, cold in the winter. When we lived in the Panhandle of OK it was important to wear a coat that covered your buns in the icy wind. Y'all Minnesota people probably already knew that, though :-))

  4. I'm learning a lot about Minnesota from all the mysteries I read. Many of them are set in your state and it seems like one of the number one things to do in winter is knock someone off. Must be the odd weather. :)

  5. It sounds SOOOOO cold! I thought we had it bad at 2 degrees here this morning! But nothing so cold our cars are in danger of not starting. Brrrrrrr. My nose is running after reading this, just so you know.