Thursday, November 08, 2007

Two Tag

Found this on CJ's Blog The Compost Heap. Figured I'd give it a whirl.

Two names you go by: Erica and Ducky. (Only my parents call me ducky...mostly my dad.)

Two things you are wearing right now: A blue button-down shirt and jeans.

Two of your favorite things to do: Read and talk to CJ on the IM.

Two things you want very badly at the moment: For my in-laws to become believers. To have a book published.

Two favorite pets you have/had: #1 is my lovely cat Pookie (aka Mittens, but Pookie just fits better) and #2 was Duff, a black lab/Irish setter cross with the best disposition of any dog I have ever come across.

Two people who will fill this out: GeorgianaD and perhaps I should tag Donna so she will blog... Hee hee.

Two people you last talked to: Thing One and Thing Two, my offspring.

Two longest trips you've been on: To Florida and to Texas by air. A couple of long, looping vacations from West Virginia in the East to Colorado/Wyoming in the West.

Two favorite holidays: Christmas and Easter.

Two favorite beverages: Caffeine Free Diet Coke and Ice Water.

Please play along, just let me know here so I can go read your answers. :)


  1. No caffeine in your Diet Coke?! WOw!

    This looks like fun--I'll do it on Monday =)

  2. I'm wearing two cowboy hats

  3. Okay, I played along. And thanks, by the way, for not making this an official TAG. And I'll have you know, that makes two entries for me in one day. Long time since that happened.

  4. Um---excuse me---I have blogged several times since the last tag. All on my own without anybody telling me. :)

    Although I might do the quiz anyway for fun.

  5. I did the quiz. Two blog posts in one day---that's gotta be a record.